Pastry for Family, Office, Work, Groups, Events

Assorted Puff Combo

Our assorted puff pastries, also known as pâte feuilletée combo, made of balanced and healthy ingredients come with international citronelle ginger tea (hot or cold) and fresh corn salad just as you want it to fit your need of serving your family at home or your event’s guests.

Breakfast for Family, Office, Work, Groups, Events

Breakfast Combo

Our breakfast menus come with oatmeal or, an African style porridge, hot Tapioca or Corn porridge in addition to fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh fruits. All our ingredients are organic, fresh and healthy, yet tasty enough to make memories.

Pastry for Family, Office, Work, Groups, Events

Salads Combo

Delicious and healthy salad with organic ingredients. Among a few, Tuna mixed with potatoes, carrots, Peas chopped onions and mayonnaise. Or Spaghetti with diced beet, carrots, Lettuce, egg, celery and mayonnaise… A slew of vitamins and minerals.

Special Thank You!

Damasus Boulangerie thanks all customers and supporters for their business!
We are pleased to serve you international delicacies made with love, joy, and
outstanding worldwide flavors for all palettes!

A Healthy Taste With Organic Ingredients

Damasus Boulangerie is an opportunity to bring your taste buds a delicious experience with pastries!
We specialize in making and creating french pastries with infusion of flavors from across the globe
to meet the needs of our customers. At Damasus Boulangerie your experience is our biggest concern!

Reduced Fat. Fiber. Topless. Oats. Nuts.

Our tricks for healthier menu consist of losing the fat, adding fiber, going topless, using oats and nuts.
Unhealthy ingredients can send blood pressure and cholesterol high! But our tricks offer a healthy exchange
that will keep your orders as delicious as they could be without all the calories, and add a few health
benefits. You will be giving your family or guests a good dose of healthy nutrients.